Mondays lookbook

Wallpapers are tricky. It took me some time to get to this, only because I have to really love a wallpaper to have it in my home. If I feel that way, I bet there are others like me that feel the same.
It is a very personal choice. But, it is great to get inspiration and figure out what style you are going for in a room and how a wallpaper can help achieve it. I adore papers from Elitis, Zoffany & Harlequin. I like textured papers, with some silk or sheen to it. And, i think for it to work in a room – good lighting is  a must and the right accessories should be used to pull off the look.

In our new home, I will be doing one wall in our dining room. I’m keen on a dark wall with metallic finishes and great lighting in the room. I have ordered samples – so looking forward to getting started! Enjoy! (Click on the photos for links)

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