Mondays lookbook

Buy Green Xanax Online I think black accent walls are super trendy and can be used in different rooms to help frame the room. I am looking into getting one of the walls in the new place done in black, and using a large mirror I have been drooling over, and frames to bring it to life. If not plain black, I have found a beautiful wall paper with black and white stripes that work really well with gold or chrome mirrors and frames.

Here is todays lookbook, enjoy! Click on the photos to go the links.

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Mondays lookbook

Granite countertops is something i have wanted to incorporate into our home for a long time. Last summer, i finally got a beautiful white shiny marble countertop installed as the centrepiece for our kitchen. It is a huge splurge, but it is one of my favourite items in the kitchen.

We will be moving in a couple of months, it will be sad to part with our beautiful kitchen which we have used years on getting it exactly the way we want it. But, exciting to find inspiration for our next kitchen!

Here are some photographs I found for this weeks lookbook!
(Click on the photographs for more details)

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Mondays Lookbook

Hotel design styles are to me minimalistic sophistication and it is the kind of styles which are easy to recreate at home. I really enjoy the simple, chic & modern designs. The top hotels of the world use some of most talented designers and creative teams, and going through the photographs of rooms at the W, Mondrian, and my favourite The Delano – gives me such great inspiration.

The Delano, is an all white theme so it is obviously something I will have to wait with till my daughters are a little older. But, it is one of my favourite hotel rooms that we have stayed at in Florida. The pictures don’t measure up, the views we had coupled with the all white rooms was a fantastic experience!


Here are some hotel design ideas for Mondays Lookbook:
(Click on the photographs for more details)


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Hotel design ideas are very trendy and trends I like to follow, so I will keep this lookbook updated. What are some of your favourite hotel design tips?

(Yes, this lookbook wasn’t published on Monday – but next week should be on time!)