Mondays lookbook: House plants

I haven’t got the best track record for not killing plants. It is sad.
So over the years I have accepted that when I choose plants they need to be super easy to maintain.
I do love olive tree plants, because they look so pretty. Also, love lavender because it reminds me of Provence. Recently, tiny small cactus (or rather cacti) plants and aloe vera have been making their way into the house. My daughter thinks they are cute to look at but of course, no fun to touch. So they sit on the kitchen window out of reach.
I do like plants in the house but not an overwhelming amount. Plants help to the filter the air in your home so that you breathe in clean air. So, this one of my main reasons for getting more plants that help purify the air in our house.

The beautiful shades of green add so much life to a home. What are your favourite house plants?

Here is this weeks lookbook! Enjoy!
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Mondays lookbook: Balcony ideas

Waking up to lighter mornings and hearing the birds starting to chirp are just some of the things I look forward to in the Spring.
With the change of season, it is also really fun to start planning or getting out the outdoor furniture.
Since our move, we have to get new outdoor furniture. So I have put together some balcony design ideas for this weeks lookbook. Even with a smaller balcony, you can still make a really beautiful outside space. I really liked the one with the hammock, and that is something we are going to set up. Hammocks don’t take up allot of space and easy to clean, also they look great on any balcony.
Using plently of potted plants is something I am going to try do more of this year – and hopefully up my gardening skills too!

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Mondays lookbook: Coffee table books

I have been checking out some books to have out for our coffee table. There are allot of fashion designers books that make the top list of coffee table books, but ultimately I think it is important to have books that inspire you – so if it’s Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Vogue – then go ahead!
In addition to those type of books, I  also like to throw in a couple of business books, my favourite is the Norwegian Peter Stordalen’s book – it’s got some eye-catching orange detail. And, some other autobiographies.
Always great to add some fresh flowers and some candles.

What’s on your coffee table?
Here is this weeks lookbook!
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Video: Behind the scenes

I had such fun at the photoshoot for Haugerbakken 7 A. This house is a new listing and I am really looking forward to the open house showing this weekend.
The owner had styled the house herself, and I think she did a great job! She has always had an eye for interior and enjoyed getting her home ready for sale. It was a pleasure working with them.

There is a little video footage from the photoshoot with our super talented photographer Mateusz Michałowski – his work is just incredible. All of the photographs are edited by him. This is something that we at BOA are very proud of. Unlike our competition – our photographs are edited in-house, and not sent for editing outside of Norway to a person that has not even seen the house. This all makes for stunning photography which you will see in all our listings.
The video footage is just a short teaser. I made it this short to fit the Instagram video time. You can view the video here:

Here is a link to the full ad here.





Mondays lookbook: The headboard

Looking to get a new headboard, so I thought I would share my inspiration board with you guys in the search of finding the perfect headboard. There are so many pretty headboards to choose from, the style that I am clearly drawn to are the fabric, glam types. I like the look it gives on the darker wall in our room.

A great tip to protect your fabric headboards from getting stained, is to spray it with protective fabric spray. This is a helpful tip, if you are leaning towards a lighter coloured fabric headboard.

Here are some of the headboards I have been looking at. Enjoy and happy monday!
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Mondays lookbook: The Fireplace

The fireplace creates a stunning focal point in the house and in the colder months it makes for an inviting cozy social area. I admire the marble top fireplaces, but I also adore the more modern fireplaces. Our home right now is more suited to a more modern fireplace, but it is great to get inspiration looking at the different moods created by the style chosen for a room.

There are many different styles to choose from, so if you are lucky enough to have space for a fireplace then here are some photographs to inspire you this monday. Enjoy!
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Mondays lookbook: Gold digger

Gold details has been a hot topic for a long time now. It’s not hard to see why it has continued showing up in interior publications. I have loved this trend from the get go mostly because you can change it up with different pieces in easy ways.
Rose gold is also very pretty but I am favourable to the gold as it works so well with allot of different colour combinations. Gold adds glamour and timelessness.
To make it work, I think it has to be used sparingly so as to create a subtle look instead of being overpowering. But, by all means luxurious gold glamour looks stunning too – so overpowering gold could work great.

Check this weeks mondays lookbook to get you thinking golden this monday!
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Mondays lookbook: The Home Office

This Mondays lookbook is all about the home office. A dedicated workspace doesn’t have to take up allot of room in a house. There are allot of smart ways to get a tiny space organized and decorated to suit allot of different styles. This space of the house should be the area where you get to be your most productive and creative. The space can be designed to make it both stylish and functional, and can be achieved on a small budget.

Here are some ideas to get you inspired this monday! Click on the photographs to get more info! Happy Monday!










Mondays lookbook: Chevron floors

Chevron and hemmingbone floors are being featured allot in top home decor and interior magazines and it’s not hard to see why.
I can’t say that I have always liked the flooring pattern. It used to give me a really out-of-date feeling, mostly because I remember my grandmothers house having these floors. But, after seeing the chevron and hemmingbone floors appear so often in glossy magazines they have been growing on me. They give a room such character and understated boldness.

Chevron has been a hot trend in the fashion industry and is only natural for it to find it’s way into housing design. Hemmingbone floors share a similar pattern but they are distinct patterns.

Here are some photographs to get you inspired this monday!
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