Mondays lookbook: House plants

I haven’t got the best track record for not killing plants. It is sad.
So over the years I have accepted that when I choose plants they need to be super easy to maintain.
I do love olive tree plants, because they look so pretty. Also, love lavender because it reminds me of Provence. Recently, tiny small cactus (or rather cacti) plants and aloe vera have been making their way into the house. My daughter thinks they are cute to look at but of course, no fun to touch. So they sit on the kitchen window out of reach.
I do like plants in the house but not an overwhelming amount. Plants help to the filter the air in your home so that you breathe in clean air. So, this one of my main reasons for getting more plants that help purify the air in our house.

The beautiful shades of green add so much life to a home. What are your favourite house plants?

Here is this weeks lookbook! Enjoy!
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