Mondays lookbook: Dark ceilings

conocer gente al azar White ceilings have been the standard.
If you darken the ceiling you arguably create the appearance of a much lower ceiling height. However, if done correctly a darker ceiling can actually make it difficult to detect the ceiling height. When it is difficult to detect where the wall and ceiling end, it then gives the appearance that the ceiling is ‘limitless’. The darker ceilings add a bit of drama to a room and adds interest where none existed. To make it all work, good lighting is always key.

enter site The darkness can be the obvious choice of black, but I think that a deep navy blue also adds a luxurious touch. Many shades to choose from, including darker shades of grey.

follow Here are some images to get you inspired for this mondays lookbook. Enjoy!
Click on the photographs to get more information. dark1 dark2

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