Mondays lookbook: Chevron floors

binary options broker comparison Chevron and hemmingbone floors are being featured allot in top home decor and interior magazines and it’s not hard to see why.
I can’t say that I have always liked the flooring pattern. It used to give me a really out-of-date feeling, mostly because I remember my grandmothers house having these floors. But, after seeing the chevron and hemmingbone floors appear so often in glossy magazines they have been growing on me. They give a room such character and understated boldness.[uid]=448 Chevron has been a hot trend in the fashion industry and is only natural for it to find it’s way into housing design. Hemmingbone floors share a similar pattern but they are distinct patterns. Here are some photographs to get you inspired this monday!
Clink on the photographs for more info. 

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