Mondays lookbook: Balcony ideas

Waking up to lighter mornings and hearing the birds starting to chirp are just some of the things I look forward to in the Spring.
With the change of season, it is also really fun to start planning or getting out the outdoor furniture.
Since our move, we have to get new outdoor furniture. So I have put together some balcony design ideas for this weeks lookbook. Even with a smaller balcony, you can still make a really beautiful outside space. I really liked the one with the hammock, and that is something we are going to set up. Hammocks don’t take up allot of space and easy to clean, also they look great on any balcony.
Using plently of potted plants is something I am going to try do more of this year – and hopefully up my gardening skills too!

Click on the photographs for more information.








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