Hello again!

This summer was spent in Florida and Aruba. This was our first to this island paradise & certainly won’t be the last! Taking time outs are important, and spending it with my kids is something i really treasured. Even though there was sun and sand, there was also some business involved. Looking forward to sharing it!


Hope you all are having a great summer so far!

Pay it forward

I started an act of kindness this morning at the local coffee shop by our offices.
The Starbucks pay it forward acts, have taken place several places in the US. It isn’t a very normal thing here in Norway, in fact when I asked the barista he just looked at me in surprise. But, was very happy to see the chain reaction!

The guy behind me got his morning coffee and paid it forward for several others. Spreading something good and cheering up the next person can be really simple. Hope you find a way to spread some kindness today! 🙂


Get in touch


I am very excited to announce that I have started working at iHus Torshov in Oslo. The team there have year on year been growing and delivering great results. Looking forward to working with people that are equally motivated. This is going to be FUN! And, I look forward to getting out there and meeting new clients!

Below is my contact details, feel free to get in touch! IMG_3087.JPG

So who am I?

So who am I? I am Demi and real estate is something I am hugely passionate about. There is magic in it. Connecting two groups of people together and helping them out to get something they truly want.
A happy seller and a happy buyer is important to me. Having fun is important to me. Being able to be a part of the sale of some of your most valuable assets – is important to me.