Mondays lookbook: Little one’s room

Looking to update the kids room, trying to go for something a little more gender neutral. Fun to play around with colours aswell as using bold colors like dark grey or black add such statement to the room.
Currently putting together some art for the room, and getting them framed.

Our project over the summer is to make an indoor/outdoor play tent (1st pic). Very easy to make and the kids will have hours of playtime out on the veranda. Looking forward to getting it made.

Here are some photographs to get you inspired this inspired this monday! Enjoy!
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Mondays lookbook: Glass doors

Glass doors with black trim details look so beautiful and definitely on trend!
If the space of your apartment or house lends itself to having these beautiful doors, I would say go for it. If you also have good ceiling height, even better reason to use these doors. The doors help seperate rooms while still allowing in daylight to the surrounding rooms and creating an extra zoned off space and giving the room a super chic factor.

Here are some photographs to get you inspired today for this weeks mondays lookbook!
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Mondays lookbook: Dark ceilings

White ceilings have been the standard.
If you darken the ceiling you arguably create the appearance of a much lower ceiling height. However, if done correctly a darker ceiling can actually make it difficult to detect the ceiling height. When it is difficult to detect where the wall and ceiling end, it then gives the appearance that the ceiling is ‘limitless’. The darker ceilings add a bit of drama to a room and adds interest where none existed. To make it all work, good lighting is always key.

The darkness can be the obvious choice of black, but I think that a deep navy blue also adds a luxurious touch. Many shades to choose from, including darker shades of grey.

Here are some images to get you inspired for this mondays lookbook. Enjoy!
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Mondays lookbook: Art deco

After recent trips to Miami, I have really come to appreciate art deco and it’s influence in the buildings of the city and to the details inside. It’s splendid and lavish and totally
self-indulgent, and all fit in with the city’s vibe and energy.
This summer I plan on visiting the Art Deco district, also want to check out the Bass Museum & PAMM. Hopefully, we will manage to fit at least two of them in as it would be great to go visit – the kids might enjoy it too!

I have some projects planned for the house, and one of them is the downstairs hallway which I would like to get painted in a deep navy colour and use gold accessories and art. Another area, is our upstairs hallway space. So to get me inspired for this next project, I am looking to art deco inspired styles.

Here is this weeks lookbook to get you inspired this monday! Happy monday 🙂
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Mondays lookbook: Pretty in pastel

Spring fever in the air, and even though it is a little cliché to talk about pastels in spring – it’s hard to resist the temptation with the change in season. Pastels can make some cringe but I think if you manage to use some small pieces to change the tone of the room – it would make a difference. Beautiful colours that compliment the lighter days and can help as a mood-booster.
I am not sure I am able to commit to actual furniture pieces but small decorative pieces for this season is do-able. I do tend to gravitate toward the pinks and corals, but the turquoise shades are really lovely aswell.

Had fun looking for pieces in different rooms for this weeks lookbook. Hope you enjoy this mondays lookbook!

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Mondays lookbook: Textured walls

Textured walls are stunning. When done right, it adds such a beautiful dimension to a room. The wall doesn’t have to be a large surface, and you can create a textured look using allot of different materials. There are wallpapers that include crushed stone and even ones with thick cushioned fabric material. Tiles are one of my favourite, especially the hex tile shape. Another option is playing around with different paint solutions. Limestone walls are so pretty and very easy to do.

I have put together this weeks lookbook based on different ways you can get textured walls. Enjoy this weeks lookbook and happy monday!
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Mondays lookbook: House plants

I haven’t got the best track record for not killing plants. It is sad.
So over the years I have accepted that when I choose plants they need to be super easy to maintain.
I do love olive tree plants, because they look so pretty. Also, love lavender because it reminds me of Provence. Recently, tiny small cactus (or rather cacti) plants and aloe vera have been making their way into the house. My daughter thinks they are cute to look at but of course, no fun to touch. So they sit on the kitchen window out of reach.
I do like plants in the house but not an overwhelming amount. Plants help to the filter the air in your home so that you breathe in clean air. So, this one of my main reasons for getting more plants that help purify the air in our house.

The beautiful shades of green add so much life to a home. What are your favourite house plants?

Here is this weeks lookbook! Enjoy!
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Mondays lookbook: Coffee table books

I have been checking out some books to have out for our coffee table. There are allot of fashion designers books that make the top list of coffee table books, but ultimately I think it is important to have books that inspire you – so if it’s Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Vogue – then go ahead!
In addition to those type of books, I  also like to throw in a couple of business books, my favourite is the Norwegian Peter Stordalen’s book – it’s got some eye-catching orange detail. And, some other autobiographies.
Always great to add some fresh flowers and some candles.

What’s on your coffee table?
Here is this weeks lookbook!
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Video: Behind the scenes

I had such fun at the photoshoot for Haugerbakken 7 A. This house is a new listing and I am really looking forward to the open house showing this weekend.
The owner had styled the house herself, and I think she did a great job! She has always had an eye for interior and enjoyed getting her home ready for sale. It was a pleasure working with them.

There is a little video footage from the photoshoot with our super talented photographer Mateusz Michałowski – his work is just incredible. All of the photographs are edited by him. This is something that we at BOA are very proud of. Unlike our competition – our photographs are edited in-house, and not sent for editing outside of Norway to a person that has not even seen the house. This all makes for stunning photography which you will see in all our listings.
The video footage is just a short teaser. I made it this short to fit the Instagram video time. You can view the video here:

Here is a link to the full ad here.





Mondays lookbook: The Fireplace

The fireplace creates a stunning focal point in the house and in the colder months it makes for an inviting cozy social area. I admire the marble top fireplaces, but I also adore the more modern fireplaces. Our home right now is more suited to a more modern fireplace, but it is great to get inspiration looking at the different moods created by the style chosen for a room.

There are many different styles to choose from, so if you are lucky enough to have space for a fireplace then here are some photographs to inspire you this monday. Enjoy!
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